About Us

Since the days of our first lemonade stand, my sister, Karyen and I have always been entrepreneurs.  While Karyen diligently squeezed the lemons to make the fresh lemonade, I cruised up and down the sidewalk, sweet-talking our neighbors and the passersby. We were a great team and we still are today

We have had various successful ventures over the years—a catering company, a homemade hot fudge business and a successful cleaning business. But our ultimate dream was to own our own store. And, fourteen years ago, we accomplished our dream!

The idea for our store originally came to me while I was poring over some family heirlooms, admiring the beautiful monogramming on one of my Grandmother’s linens. Monogramming which is not only a beautiful art form but also a way of adding a personal touch to something ordinary, had nearly been lost.

I called my sister and was thrilled when she agreed that our store should be a place where everything from blankets to aprons to a baby’s rag doll could be purchased and then monogrammed for free!! The Monogram Shoppe on Avenue I was born!   

Today we have expanded our inventory to include numerous gifts for your boyfriend, grandbaby, dad or favorite aunt.  We have great ideas for weddings, family reunions, back-to-school necessities and, of course all of the holidays! Please browse our website to find all of these and more. And, of course, we would love for you to come say ‘hello’ to us at the store!

Best wishes and happy shopping!

Michelle and Karyen